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One on One 6 Month Program

We take a holistic, whole health approach to weight loss, weight gain and just general health improvement.  Food can heal or it can kill.  It’s our choice what we want it to do for us.  We make the choice daily what we will allow ourselves to consume.  Mind over matter means so much but until you regulate some of your systems it can be difficult to redirect your mind.  We are passionate about saving and changing lives and we truly feel each client is a divine appointment.  Our compassion never runs thin for an individual.  We live this day in and day out and never expect our clients to do anything we don’t do daily.

Our program length is 6 months.  Our first meeting is 90 minutes long.  We will discuss your likes and dislikes, your schedule, your health history, daily symptoms and what it will take to put you on the path to a healthy lifestyle.  We will help to select meals that are easy, accessible and that taste good all working within the confines of any health issues you are dealing with.    We provide you with a cookbook that will give you ideas on how to make clean food taste great.  You do not have to sacrifice taste to be healthy.

We will tell you exactly what to eat, where to buy it from, how to prepare it, what to order when you eat out, what to do when you travel, what to drink and any vitamins you should be taking  we will follow up every 3 weeks.  This will continue for the duration of 6 months.  You will have direct contact with us with any questions you have.  We are simply a text message away.

Our hope is to teach you how to eat for a lifetime of good health.  We want to help you accomplish short term goals but more importantly change your lifestyle.  We focus on how you feel first.  The how you look part always falls into place when you identify what it takes to feel your best.  We teach you the science behind the food and help you to understand the importance of the choices you are making and how they affect your health.  We take an anti-inflammatory approach while trying to control histamine levels as well.  This should reduce swelling in the body, calm the immune system as well as reduce inflammation throughout the body.  We work at helping clients to control the blood sugar by balancing nutrients.  This also will help to balance the brain and regulate mood.  Choices make changes and we will help you to know what choices you should be making daily to achieve the health you deserve.

Poison in moderation is still poison.  You do not have to make exceptions for poisonous ingredients.  We will give you the tools you need to feel great and to eat food that tastes great.

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  1. Someone who helps you discover your core values and provides you with helpful advice on how to arrange your lifestyle to better serve those values.
  2. Someone who shows you what it means to live a healthy lifestyle. Someone who helps you to understand that healthy living goes beyond the macros.  A healthy lifestyle involves love, relationships, balance, activity, spirituality, creativity, finances, joy and peace.
  3. Someone who teaches you patterns of discipline and goes beyond the motivation. This person should help you to understand that motivation will always run out.  Discipline will last forever.  You have to get up and do it whether you are motivated or not.  Discipline will change every area of your life.  You will find true freedom when you learn to rely on discipline. 
  4. Someone who creates the space for someone to tell their story. Someone who helps them to see how that story can change into what they have always dreamed it to be.
  5. Someone who leads by example. They are fueled by passion.  They can show you how important it is to pay attention to ingredients.  They will show you to pay close attention to the details and how it can sincerely change your life and health forever when you do.  They will help you to keep fighting for change.  They will never give up on you.
  6. Someone who shows you that chasing after feeling great is the main objective and if you feel great first you will always naturally look great.
  7. Someone who can instruct you on how to make clean, healthy choices taste great. If you eat clean you will live lean.  Eating clean does not have to mean eating plain.
  8. Someone who acts as an accountability coach. They believe in you and support you.  They help you to stay focused and strong all while staying on track.

I’m an evangelist for Jesus first but for health second.  I never stop, I never tire and I’m secure in the vision God gave me.  I know people will see more and fulfill more of Gods purpose for their life if they care for their body and fight for wellness.

I pray today is a turning point for you.  A day you make a stand for breakthrough and choose not to poison your body.  Get intoxicated with how amazing it feels to be healthy.  I pray blessing and favor on you as you stand for more for your life and future with every choice you make.

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