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Randy Halstead Testimonial

With a consistently hectic schedule at work and at home, I have difficulty finding time to focus on my own personal well-being. This has led to an increase in health-related issues over the past...

The Scharf Family Testimonials

-Sandi Scharf I fortunately met Debbie because of my husband’s search for help for his chronic body pain and to help our sons remain injury free and competitive in their sports endeavors. He scheduled an...

Pure Plates STL

Just for you! We're passing the discounts on to you, try Pure Plates Stl and recieve 20% off your order by using this promo code! Check out "Healthy Living with Integrity Fitness's" newest sponsor! Pure...

Food is Fuel: Adrienne Hood

A Weight Loss Journey Guide So let’s fast forward to the beginning of Fall. I’d worked hard ALL Summer during my husband’s deployment and it was finally coming to a close. He was coming HOME!! I’d...

Going the Distance!

John Morris’s testimonial on “Healthy Living with Integrity Fitness”

Did you hear John Morris's testimonial on "Healthy Living with Integrity Fitness" Sunday? Check out his amazing transformation!

Meet Dan, a client of Integrity Training Systems

Another amazing transformation! With the right trainer and nutrition you too can see amazing results!

Project Transformation – I will persist until I succeed!

I started my fitness journey on July 3, 2014. I started for so many reasons. First, my daughter was nagging me to join a gym. Second, my Uncle Larry was posting on Facebook how...

David’s Story of Success!

I went into Integrity Training Systems originally because of Pure Plates looking to buy a gift certificate for a friends birthday.  After talking with John Morris about their program, I became interested in what...