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We are a personal training and nutrition company I created, based out of my training curriculum I developed at Powerhouse.  In addition to our O’Fallon location, we have expanded our brand to a Clayton location as well.  I have personally handpicked each staff member working for Integrity, most have trained with me personally for years.

What to Expect During Our First Meeting:

Our first session is a very detailed fitness assessment which helps us to understand the clients muscle imbalances and postural deviations.  We assign a very detailed flexibility plan, specific to each client, including stretching, foam rolling and corrective exercises. With the applied data, within 7 days or our next appointment, they already start seeing changes, but more importantly feeling changes. We do this so we know how we should train the client. It allows us to be more individualized with the person. We can only make them as strong as their weakest area so we have to identify those immediately and start working towards correcting them. We notice within the first week people can breathe deeper, digestive issues lessen due to less restriction in the hips and shoulders, less neck and shoulder pain as well as fewer headaches and sinus pressure.

Our Approach to Nutrition:
Our approach to nutrition is a holistic, whole health approach to weight loss, weight gain and just general weight loss management. We design a program based off a client’s likes and dislikes, their schedule to make the food easy and accessible. Food can kill or it can heal. Its our choice what we want it to do for us. We make the choice daily what we will allow ourselves to consume.  Mind over matter means so much but until you regulate some of your systems it can be difficult to redirect the mind.  My staff is passionate about saving and improving lives and we truly feel each client is a divine appointment.  Our compassion never runs thin for an individual.  We live this day in and day out and never expect our clients to do anything that we don’t do daily.  It is a sincere blessing to do what I do and to lead the teams that I do.

If you are interested in personal training and nutrition with Debbie and her team, we have a location in the St. Louis and St. Charles county, please contact us to get started!

Debbie Portell
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Integrity Training Systems
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Integrity Training Systems
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