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Listen here to find out how the Ketogenic lifestyle changed Shawn Wohler’s life!

Shawn Wohler is an Integrity Training Systems client and guest of Healthy Living with Integrity Fitness on FM NewsTalk 97.1. You can check out his story here! If you are interested in changing your life...

Stop making excuses, your life depends on it.

Did you catch the show Sunday? Get caught up here! https://soundcloud.com/fmnewstalk971/april-30-2017-healthy-living-with-integrity-fitness?in=fmnewstalk971/sets/health-living-with-integrity

Busting myths about gaining muscle with high volume sets.

We discussed this Sunday, get caught up here! https://soundcloud.com/fmnewstalk971/kftk14-2?in=fmnewstalk971/sets/health-living-with-integrity

We talked about low back pain on the show Sunday, want to learn more?

Get caught up here! https://soundcloud.com/fmnewstalk971/kftk14-1?in=fmnewstalk971/sets/health-living-with-integrity

Did you miss our show about Keto?

Get caught up here! If you want to learn more, join us February 4th at 12pm at our Integrity Training Systems Headquarters. Debbie will be discussing Keto adaptation, our guest speakers include Roger Semsch, John Morris,...

“Health Living with Integrity Fitness” – Get caught up here!

Did you miss our show Sunday? We can get you all caught up! http://integritytrainingsystems.com/podcasts/december-18th-podcast/ ‎

December 18th Podcast


November 6th Podcast – Catch Up!


November 13, 2016 Healthy Living Podcast


Did you miss the Dec 11th show? Get caught up here!

December 11th - 2016 Healthy Living with Integrity Fitness.  Listen to the full podcast below! https://soundcloud.com/fmnewstalk971/december-11-2016-healthy-living-with-integrity-fitness?in=fmnewstalk971/sets/health-living-with-integrity