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Natural Pain Remedies

Get caught up here! We discussed¬†natural pain management, being weary of trendy fitness, how to prepare for a family gathering in a healthy manner & played name that food! https://soundcloud.com/fmnewstalk971/8-19-18-healthy-living-with-integrity-fitness?in=fmnewstalk971/sets/health-living-with-integrity  

Stress Eating

Get caught up here! https://soundcloud.com/fmnewstalk971/july-29-2018-healthy-living-with-integrity-fitness?in=fmnewstalk971/sets/health-living-with-integrity

Hitting a Plateau?

We have you covered! We discussed not having enough time, losing your motivation, hitting a plateau and played "Name that Food" https://soundcloud.com/fmnewstalk971/july-22-2018-healthy-living-with-integrity-fitness

Proper Hydration

We have you covered! We discussed ALL things hemp, proper hydration, weight training while losing weight, food as the fuel source for the best life possible AND played "Name that Food" Get caught up! https://soundcloud.com/fmnewstalk971/7-8-18-healthy-living-with-integrity-fitness-hemp-hydration-food-for-performance

Exercise, Inflammation & Working with a Personal Trainer

Get caught up here! https://soundcloud.com/fmnewstalk971/july-1-2018-healthy-living-with-integrity-fitness

Supplements: Why should you buy them and from where?

If you missed our show June 10th, 2018 get caught up here. We covered a lot! https://soundcloud.com/fmnewstalk971/10-june-2018-140000

Healthy Skin Care for the Outdoors

We covered a lot, including what kind of healthy skin care products you should be looking into this summer. Are you planning a road trip and afraid you're gonna cave on some over priced...

Chest Size Growth for Men

We discussed how to achieve chest size growth in men, what causes saddlebags on ladies, restriction & disciple and so much more! https://soundcloud.com/fmnewstalk971/may-6-2018-healthy-living-with-integrity-fitness?in=fmnewstalk971/sets/health-living-with-integrity

Overeating, Binging & Purging

Overeating, Binging & Purging, what is the difference, how can you stop it? https://soundcloud.com/fmnewstalk971/3-18-18a?in=fmnewstalk971/sets/health-living-with-integrity

All Things Protein

We had great discussions about protein powders, and how much protein should be taken in daily. Get caught up here! https://soundcloud.com/fmnewstalk971/2-18-18a?in=fmnewstalk971/sets/health-living-with-integrity