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Miss the show December 2, 2018?

No worries, we have you covered! We discussed all things personal training and nutrition, check it out here!

Miss the show November 18, 2018?

Don't worry, you can get caught up here! Our guest, Dr. Ava Frick with Pet Rehab & Pain Clinic joined us and had some great insight on how to know when it's time to...

Miss the show October 14th? Get caught up here!

We discussed with Dr. Frick of Pet Rehab & Pain Clinic how to keep our animals joints healthy, listen to what she had to say! Catch up here!

Miss the show September 30th? Get caught up here!

Dave Gaule with O'Fallon Nutrition joined us, hear what he had to say about choosing the best cooking oils! Catch up here  

Miss the show September 16th? Get caught up here!

Dr. Ava Frick with Pet Rehab & Pain Clinic joined us, listen to what she had to say about her approach to helping animals! Catch up here!

Miss the show August 26th?

Listen here to get caught up! https://soundcloud.com/fmnewstalk971/august-26-2018-healthy-living-with-integrity-fitness

Miss the show August 19th?

Get caught up here! We discussed¬†natural pain management, being weary of trendy fitness, how to prepare for a family gathering in a healthy manner & played name that food! https://soundcloud.com/fmnewstalk971/8-19-18-healthy-living-with-integrity-fitness?in=fmnewstalk971/sets/health-living-with-integrity  

Miss the show July 29th?

Get caught up here! https://soundcloud.com/fmnewstalk971/july-29-2018-healthy-living-with-integrity-fitness?in=fmnewstalk971/sets/health-living-with-integrity

Miss the show July 22nd?

We have you covered! We discussed not having enough time, losing your motivation, hitting a plateau and played "Name that Food" https://soundcloud.com/fmnewstalk971/july-22-2018-healthy-living-with-integrity-fitness

Miss the show July 8th?

We have you covered! We discussed ALL things hemp, proper hydration, weight training while losing weight, food as the fuel source for the best life possible AND played "Name that Food" Get caught up! https://soundcloud.com/fmnewstalk971/7-8-18-healthy-living-with-integrity-fitness-hemp-hydration-food-for-performance